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Ref 3942
Isuzu FTS 4x4
– $65,000

2012 Isuzu FTS 4x4. Ex Western Power. 123,200 kilometres. 2012 Fassi Model Micro 30 knuckle crane. Rear jacks, eight side draws, 2,000 litre diesel tank, fuel pump with hoses and nozzle. Ring Feder. 1800 Watt inverter.

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Ref 3915
Mercedes Benz
– $151,000

Mercedes Benz 4x4 Dual Cab tray back support truck, 2014 manufacture. Has three diesel tanks totalling 1800 litres. GVM 16,000 kg. Showing 58,755 kilometres.

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Ref 3905
MAN 41.480 8x8 Truck
– $188,000

MAN 41.480 Tilt Tray with Palginger PK1000 Knuckle Crane. Manufactured 2006. Showing 252,753 kilometres. 8 metre tilting tray and winch. V.Orlandi ring feeder.


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Ref 3884
IsGyro Gyroscope
– $63,000

Complete IsGyro kit and includes IsRG38 Running Gear Kit, Algiz-7 field PC and CCT Wireless Depth Tracker. Manufacturer’s spec sheet available. Refurbished by manufacturer in 2017 and has not been used since. Cost to replace is about AUD127,000.

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Ref 3708
MDP Pump Unit 01
– $312,000

Truck mounted pump unit. The pumps are driven by 80 kVA gen set. A 12.5 kVA gen set runs the caravan. The pump unit is controlled by a full PLC controller for automatic flow regulation and touch screen for flow/time settings. There are two pumps, a Franklin 30 kW submersible and a Franklin 45kW submersible. The Riser Column consists of 100 meters of 110mm poly on fully motorised reel, a motorised winch, quick release couplings and remote variable speed control for both reel and winch.

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