#3938 - Boart Longyear SC11/LF130F Heli Rig

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Boart Longyear SC11/LF130F Heli Rig – POA

2011 Boart Longyear SC11/LF130F Exploration Drill. 2,245 hours showing. Mounted on Morooka MST-2200VD Track Base. John Deere 128kW Turbo Diesel engine. Depth fluid filled NQ 1,510 metres. Maximum rod diameter 114.3mm. Feed Stroke is 1800mm. Mast Dump Stroke is 1270mm.

The SC11 is designed to be broken down into 9 individual pieces and transported by helicopter. Boart Longyear state this surface core drill is the only flyable rig in its class to offer large-diameter PQ drilling capabilities. Sixteen page full specifications available.

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