#3853 - Foremost Dual Rotary Rigs

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Foremost Dual Rotary Rigs – Price on application

Three Foremost Dual Rotary Rigs For Sale. These are…

  • DR 12/26P-60/24-1070, with 26,000 kg top head pullback, 1070 cfm compressor and Kenworth carrier.
  • DR12/26D-60/24-1250 with 38,000 kg upgraded pullback, 1250 cfm compressor and Tatra 8x8 carrier. A Tatra 8x8 flat bed water truck with knuckle crane goes with this rig.
  • DR12-D-60/24-1250 with 27,000 kg pullback, 1070 cfm compressor and a Kenworth carrier.

Rigs can be sold as a package with significant tax benefits or as stand-alone rigs. Full descriptions and history available.

Unless otherwise indicated, prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST

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